Book Formatting

Have your book designed using the most professional layouts and standards.

Why is Book Formatting Required?

A well-designed and formatted book is essential to your success as an author. Even if you worked hard on your manuscript, it may not receive the attention it deserves until it is professionally formatted. We will assist you in providing your book’s readership with the finest possible reading experience. With your input, our skilled book designers will build a personalized layout to match the theme and message of your book.


Our book designers do not design your book using templates. Each book is professionally designed by a real-life professional book designer. And, best of all, we provide you design proofs to examine and approve. We back up our work with 100 percent quality guarantee.

Format Your Book With Us!

A book’s layout would be incomplete without well-formatted text. To make your layout more user-friendly, consider using a clear hierarchy and a legible typography. In order to produce a professional book, each component of your work (including the introduction, dedication, chapters, etc.) will be formatted specifically for you.


Before printing, you will be sent a PDF proof for your approval to ensure that all your requirements are fulfilled. If done properly, book formatting can add a great value to the process of conveying your message to the readers.  Formatting services for eBooks and print manuscripts are also available through our company (Black Text or Color Text Design).

Become A Bestselling Author with Us Today!

Your vision is all we need to bring your story to life. Our book writers for hire are just waiting to assist you.

Why Ghostwriting Proficiency for Book Formatting?

At Ghostwriting Proficiency, we cater to all of your requirements to perfection. We make sure that the final book which is the end result is exactly as per your preference. For that to happen, upon saving your quote, you will be invited to fill out a short questionnaire about your preferred design options and preferences. You’ll be able to express your thoughts on the tone of your book and the design of the interior pages.


In addition, you’ll be able to supply us with photographs of your own. Using your input and their skill, Ghostwriting Proficiency’s designers will produce a unique book that you’ll be delighted to show off.