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Your book deserves the best! With our proven book marketing strategies, it will stand out from the crowd, captivating the hearts of readers and leading you straight to the bestseller lists.

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One Stop Solution For All Your Book Marketing Concerns

Your book is ready to blow the reader realm away. The next move is to lure in the right audience with an effective marketing plan. We at Ghostwriting Proficiency provide easy-on-the-pocket marketing services that will boost your sales game. Social media marketing, author website, including search engine optimization, paid ads (Google and Facebook), and Amazon book marketing are a part of the book promotion services.


With the help of our Amazon book marketing service, you will receive a carefully thought-out advertising strategy to promote your book to a larger audience and prevent it from being neglected soon after publication.


A book marketing strategy for the major release of your book is one of the many things that our online book promotion services offer. With carefully planned advertising campaigns running on sites like Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Amazon, you can start attracting the right energy.

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Our Book Marketing Bundles

Basic Package $2999

  • - Book Trailer Duration: 30 Seconds
  • - Social Media Marketing 3 Months Plan
  • - Online Independent Reviews Word Count - 400 Words
  • - 3 Blogs for Book Promotion Word Count - 500 Words Each
Best Seller

Premium Package $4999

  • - Author Website 2 Logo Concepts Domain and Hosting 5 Pages Website Website Development Cross Browser Compatibility
  • - Social Media Marketing 6 Months Plan Social Media Account Setup Content Creation Page Optimization 3 Postings per week Account Management Monthly Progress Report
  • - Search Engine Optimization 6 Months Plan Chapter Wise Keyword Analysis Google Local/Business Listing 15 One Way back links with mix PR Meta Tags changes suggestions Interlinking wherever required HTML Site Map XML site map and Submission in webmaster tool
  • - Book Trailer Duration: 30 Seconds
  • - Online Independent Reviews Word Count - 400 Words
  • - 5 Blogs for Book Promotion Word Count - 500 Words Each

Platinum Package $9999

  • - Author Website 4 Logo Concepts Domain & Hosting Unlimited Page Website Website Design Website Development Mobile Responsive Cross Browser Compatibility
  • - Social Media Marketing 12 Months Plan Social Media Account Setup Content Creation Page Optimization 5 Postings per week Account Management Social Media Strategy Reputation Management Competitor Analysis Spam/Comments Monitoring Monthly Progress Report
  • - Search Engine Optimization 12 Months Plan Chapter Wise Keyword Analysis Google Knowledge Graph Google Local/Business Listing 25 One Way back links with mix PR Meta Tags changes suggestions Interlinking wherever required HTML Site Map XML site map and Submission in webmaster tool Internal Linking Structure Google Analytics Integration Google Search Console Integration Monthly Progress Report
  • - Book Trailer Duration: 30 Seconds
  • - Online Independent Reviews Word Count - 400 Words
  • - 10 Blogs for Book Promotion Word Count - 500 Words Each
  • - Audio Book
  • - Amazon Marketing
  • - Editorial CritiqueWord Count - 400 Words
  • - Press ReleaseWord Count - 300 Words
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Our Premium Book Marketing Services

Author Website
Design & Development

$1199 $1712

An author's website can be a brilliant way to showcase your work and connect with readers far and wide. It doesn't matter if your website is complex or super simple; it exists for the sole purpose of allowing readers a glimpse and closer view of you as an author. Make the most of this opportunity with our dedicated team of designers and other experts. We offer author website design and development services for clients.

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Getting favourable media exposure can be a game-changer for authors, helping them build credibility, get their books stocked in stores, and ultimately boost sales. But with so much noise out there, it can be hard to get noticed without the right support. That's where we come in! We will work with you to develop a custom plan that is tailored to your goals, giving you a solid and strategic foundation to build on.

$642 $450 Get Started


Creating a book trailer is a valuable marketing tool for a ghostwriting brand. A well-crafted book trailer can capture the essence of the story, engage potential readers, and generate interest in the brand. The trailer can effectively convey the brand's expertise in creating engaging and compelling content by incorporating compelling visuals, intriguing book snippets, and music. A professionally produced book trailer can help the ghostwriting brand attract more clients and increase book sales.

$1143 $800 Get Started

Media Marketing

In the era where social media dominates, possessing a strong social media presence can be pivotal for your career as an author. It won't just put you out there for the world to see but also lead to a spike in sales, helping you achieve immense recognition. Not to forget, you get a huge fan base. Let our marketing pros take charge to create the perfect image of you on social media.

$570 $399 Get Started

Online Independent

Online independent reviews play a significant role in determining the credibility and trustworthiness of a brand. Potential clients rely on these reviews to gauge the quality of services provided and the overall customer experience. Positive reviews can help establish a strong reputation for the brand and attract more clients. However, negative reviews could have the opposite effect. Therefore, providing exceptional service to ensure positive reviews is crucial, fostering trust and confidence among potential clients.

$998 $699 Get Started

Blogs for Book

Blogs are an effective tool for book promotion. A ghostwriting brand can use its blog to showcase its expertise, share valuable writing tips, and provide insights into the publishing process. By creating informative and engaging content, the brand can attract a wider audience of aspiring authors and book lovers. Blogs also allow the brand to highlight successful projects, and client testimonials, further establishing its credibility and attracting potential clients for book ghostwriting services.

$1855 $1299 Get Started

Search Engine

Are you looking for a surefire way to boost traffic to your author's website? Well, then, with search engine optimization, you can do just that. When your author's website contains optimized content with the incorporation of keywords, it ranks higher on search engine result pages, which can lead to attracting more traffic to your website. At Ghostwriting Prificiency, we offer search engine optimization services for our authors to make sure they get recognized.

$427 $299 Get Started


Offering editorial critiques is a valuable service for a ghostwriting brand. By providing thorough and constructive feedback on a manuscript, the brand demonstrates its commitment to delivering high-quality work. Editorial critiques help clients improve their writing skills, strengthen their storytelling, and polish their manuscripts. This service enhances the brand's reputation for excellence and expertise in the ghostwriting industry. Clients appreciate the valuable insights and guidance, leading to improved manuscripts and client satisfaction.

$998 $699 Get Started


Press releases are a powerful tool for promoting a ghostwriting brand. The brand can generate media coverage, increase visibility, and attract potential clients by crafting compelling press releases. Press releases can announce new services, showcase successful projects, and highlight expertise. They can also be used to share important company updates. Well-written press releases can help establish the brand as a trusted authority in the ghostwriting industry and attract media attention, ultimately driving growth.

$1141 $799 Get Started

A Walkthrough of Book Marketing with Us

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Communicate Your Requirements

Every individual has different requirements when it comes to marketing their book. This is because their target audience might be different, and so the demands are also diverse. As a result, the marketing strategy needs to be distinct.

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Effective Strategy

After our clients have communicated their demands, experts at our book marketing company work on finding a marketing strategy that’s perfect for the client's unique needs. Our book marketers for hire devise tactics that drive results.

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Employing the Strategy

Once we have conducted thorough research and come up with a suitable marketing plan for your book, the next step is to put that plan into action. So, the experts at the best book marketing services employ these methods to generate results.

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Marketing Materials

Besides using various marketing strategies as the best book marketing services, we also collaborate to create wide-ranging marketing materials. These materials include book trailers, social media posts, and more to boost marketing.

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Measure Success

At Ghostwriting Proficiency, we believe in what we see, and so instead of making promises we can't fulfill; we just let the numbers do the talking. So, our experts monitor it and track the progress through metrics, including engagement, sales, etc.

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Adjusting the Tactics

Most times, some book marketing tactics may not work as well as expected, and so to drive better or desired results, some change in strategy is compulsory. As a result, after we evaluate the campaign's success, we adjust the approach.

Book Advertising That Knows No Bounds!

At Ghostwriting Proficiency, our book marketers for hire are the ace of spades you need to hype your book up.

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